Associated Battery Manufacturers (Ceylon) Limited specializes in manufacturing the widest range of Lead Acid Batteries from 25Ah to 200Ah capacity under the brand names Exide, Lucas, and Dagenite. In addition to the Automotive Lead Acid Batteries produced by the company, it also produces Deep cycle Batteries for Solar and Trawler boat applications.

Incorporated as a Limited Company in the year 1960 by Brown & Company and in Partnership with Exide Industries India, ABM was founded in technical collaboration with British Batteries who were the largest manufacturers of batteries in the world at that time.


The year 2000 did not just signify the end of a century, but also the end of things as they had been in the Indian automobile scene. The launch of Amaron batteries brought long-lasting power that added style and zoom to your drive.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited blazed a new trail when we launched the Amaron brand. We ushered in an era where batteries looked stunning, offered complete peace of mind with zero-maintenance and offered the longest warranty that the Indian market had ever seen. No wonder then, that Amaron batteries changed the game.

Since the very beginning, we have stayed true to our promise - to deliver quality products and services that meet international standards. And this promise is some thing that you experience every time you crank your ignition key.