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Battery Service

The high cost of batteries adds to the pressure, making proper maintenance crucial in safeguarding your long-term investment. Through our long experience in critical power solutions, U & H Wheel Service provides the best of battery maintenance by trained technicians. From robust testing to safe battery disposal, our dedicated experts will ensure your batteries deliver the optimum performance and longevity to maximize your uptime.

1. Battery replacement
We undertake a comprehensive range of tests to ensure that batteries are properly specified, deliver top performance and to detect any failing cells. We start with a full battery installation survey to verify that your new systems conform to all procurement specifications. With U & H Wheel Service you can be certain your batteries deliver peak performance for the longest possible time.

2. Discharge testing
Regular discharge testing will facilitate this process, with our technicians running tests to produce the required documentation. By testing, they will determine the condition of each battery and its ability to perform to specification.

3. Impedance testing
Internal impedance within a battery increases with age and discharge, risking failure. Our technicians are trained in advanced impedance testing to measure internal resistance and to provide data on corrosion levels or other defects. Our fast and reliable tests are invaluable in monitoring battery performance, helping to minimize the risk of failure and reinforce reliability.

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